What’s saving my life this summer [Part 1]

Awwww, summer.

Long, leisurely days of plentiful sunshine, sweet tea, flip flops and afternoon naps.

Until last week. That’s when a haze took over the area due to multiple wildfires in our region. Smoky skies (and the dangerous air quality) forced most of us living in the Pacific Northwest inside the past few days.

For me, that’s meant more time to read, watch movies with the family and catch up on podcasts. The topic of “What’s Saving My Life” was discussed during one of these podcasts. And then a book I finished also mentioned this idea. It seemed to be no coincidence.

So with ample time indoors, I started reflecting on what fills my emotional tank. That’s what the authors who reflected on this topic shared – items that make the days a little sweeter, bring pleasure to everyday life and provide refreshment to the spirit.

Simple things, such as sunshine and sand between my toes, have brought great joy and nourishment during the summer. But there are several things that are saving my life on a deeper level, bringing peace to my heart and soul.

The little lake across from our house is one of my favorite places, especially during the nonstop heat of the summer. Our family has made lots of fun memories playing frisbee, paddleboarding and just cooling off in its shallow waters. We’ve been witness to its life-saving qualities (literally) as airplanes gathered water from the lake to douse local wildfires.

Early-morning walks have become part of my summer routine. It’s allowed time to slow down and notice nature, recognizing the connection we have to the physical world. It’s provided time to chat with friends and wave at neighbors and strangers, reminding me of the connection we have with others. It’s been a treasured time of solitude and prayer where I’ve been able to connect with my Creator.

Watching our kids become
It’s been a privilege to observe our children try new things, develop new skills and grow into their personalities. Our oldest recently purchased her first vehicle and is exploring college options. I feel a subtle shift in our parenting role, and I want to embrace it and give it my all. The kids are evolving. Into what? It’s still a mystery. But they are on their way to becoming.

Words continue to fuel my soul. While it wasn’t intentional, this blog has sat idle the past few months. But I’ve been playing with words in other ways, crafting sentences and sounds and sentiments for those I deeply love. And I’ve spent time with many quality books that have inspired and renewed my dedication to words and all the possibility they hold. [Shameless plug: Watch for Part 2 soon, where I will discuss a few of my favorite reads from this summer.]

So that’s my list, but I’d love to hear from you. What’s been saving your life these past few months?

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